Self Clearing
Smudging summons the spirits of these sacred plants to drive out the negative energy, bring the positive energy and to create balance. Sage for negative energy, Sweetgrass for positive energy and Lavender for balance.
Starting with sage, place a small amount of the loose leaves mixture in a shell or clay dish.
Light with a wooden match, fan the flames to create smoke, extinguish.
Use a feather, to waft the smoke.
As you chant this mantra, waft the smoke to each of your chakras; above the crown for inner wisdom; at the brow for clarity; at the throat for
Self expression; at the heart for love; at the solar plexus for personal power and at the root area for stability and sensuality.
Start with Sacred Sage, say; please drive away all that is negative in my heart,
Second, Sacred Sweetgrass; please bring me all that is positive making my heart pure.
Using only a pinch of Sacred Lavender; say; please restore balance in my life.
When you are finished, gives thanks.
Thank-you for your blessings.
These herbs were respectfully prepared


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